OLDAMBT: Make it happen!

The municipality of Oldambt, with Winschoten as its principal place, is the economic and cultural heart of the East Netherlands and unique in its kind. The municipality plays an important role in regional developments. A close relationship with the city of Groningen and its own hands-on mentality creates a cocktail in which new developments and entrepreneurship can flourish.

The province of Groningen is committed to substantially improve broadband and other digital infrastructure in the region. Fast Internet creates new opportunities for all residents, but also for startups and entrepreneurs, especially in the online and ICT sector.

The new physical infrastructure also creates direct connections with the University of Groningen, the Hanseatic School and the Noorderpoort College. These institutions provide a permanent flow of motivated, innovative and qualified personnel. The area in OLDAMBT and its surroundings also offers accommodation, recreation and cultural facilities. The quality of life is one of the highest in the world.

Northern Netherlands

OLDAMBT is involved in many innovative initiatives in the Northern Netherlands in the areas of health, sustainability, transport, energy and ICT. For instance, the city is closely involved in developments in E-health and in the field of sustainability.

In addition, the north of the Netherlands is at the forefront of technological developments in 5G, the future standard for super-fast mobile internet.