About BIC Oldambt

The Broadband information and Innovation Centre Oldambt, abbreviated BIC Oldambt, is an initiative of the municipality of Oldambt, together with the Groningen Internet Exchange (GN-IX) with the aim of promoting more ICT activities in the region.

BIC Oldambt is working on the creation of a broadband information centre and secondly an inspiring learning and work environment in Winschoten. From BIC Oldambt a lot of attention is given to sharing knowledge and information about the developments of (fast) Internet in the region, but also of talent development and supports the start of innovative (pilot) projects. A good digital infrastructure is a prerequisite for this.

What do we do?

On a project basis, BIC organizes partnerships to quickly get started with the right mix of parties. By connecting to the existing agendas and focusing on where the energy is, we are working on results.

The content we put in this way form the basis for the other important purpose of BIC OLDAMBT: To position the municipality of Oldambt strongly as a dynamic municipality. The region offers many opportunities in the fields of ICT, innovation and entrepreneurship, a message that we are going to convey via BIC.

Triple Helix 

To cope with the complexity of contemporary issues, a careful mix of parties is needed. The projects and collaborations in which BIC operates are therefore characterised by the so-called triple helix approach: a collaboration between the local government, leading knowledge institutions and committed entrepreneurs. In doing so, we gratefully use the typical Groningen approach to ‘just do it’.



The BIC Oldambt Network is familiar with the latest developments in technology and society. As an organisation BIC Oldambt is therefore ideally suited to take the initiative of collaborations around new techniques.


BIC Oldambt works on scalable and actionable innovation; Supports pilots and spin-off. Growth is also central to entrepreneurship. That is why we are reinforcing the quality and network of the ICT sector.


Success must be celebrated: After appealing deeds, words can follow. BIC Oldambt is committed to carrying out the unique developments in the municipality of Oldambt and its surroundings firmer. OLDAMBT: Make It Happen!