BIC: Broadband information and innovation Centre Olambt

The environment digitizes at a high pace. The Internet plays an ever greater role in everyone’s life. The municipality of Oldambt therefore prepares a digital agenda. With this agenda, the municipality is working on a smarter region by exploiting the opportunities of ICT and the Internet.

Through the Oldambt broadband Information and innovation centre, the municipality wants to involve and inform all residents, entrepreneurs, students and the elderly together with companies and knowledge institutes in this process, as well as stimulate and new initiatives Initiate. A broadband information centre is currently being organized In the town hall.

In addition to the Oldambt Broadband Information Centre, the municipality is developing plans for a Broadband Innovation Centre. This is a physical space where talent development of future ICT-ers takes place and entrepreneurship is promoted through innovative projects of ambitious entrepreneurs in the field of A.O. Gaming, artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain and Internet of things. The initiative is part of the EU Northsea project CORA, which stands for Connecting Remote Areas with Digital Infrastructure and Services.

We do this by facilitating public-private partnerships: around a Common interest, these occasional coalitions work on social and economic issues. We would like to hook up on existing Energy and initiatives, which enables us to work in an action-oriented environment. For instance, BIC organizes the movement that reflects the ambitions of Municipality of Oldambt and Province of Groningen: concretely working with the Next Economy.

Fast Internet

The province of Groningen assists the municipality of Oldambt with the construction of broadband infrastructure. This provision is of great importance for the economic developments of the city and region. The digitalisation of the living and working environment creates new activities. To promote the use of these important facilities and opportunities for innovation, the OLDAMBT Broadband Innovation Centre has been established. It is open to everyone, young and old, who want to be active with ICT, Internet and gaming ac


The social dependence on ICT is greater than ever, and it only increases. A good and up-to-date ICT infrastructure is therefore essential and provides an attractive setting-up environment. In Oldambt There are great opportunities for various developments in this area. BIC Oldambt informs and organizes cooperation to seize these opportunities.


Rapid technological development creates a growing gap between education and the labour market. BIC is active in both worlds and facilitates the exchange between various networks to ensure that curricula are better tailored to the trends and developments in the field of work. In addition, BIC likes to help entrepreneurs with growth plans and ambitious people with promising start-ups.


By combining the right mix of parties into a common ambition, unique results are created. With the organization of such coalitions, BIC works on several leading projects around E-health, innovation workshops and the acceleration of promising scale-ups in the fields of ICT, data and Internet of things.