The possibilities of fast Internet

The society digitizes at a high pace. Much economic growth is also linked to this. Therefore, the municipality of Oldambt recognizes the importance of broadband for all residents and entrepreneurs in the municipality and makes themselves hard for affordable connections of high-speed internet for everyone.

To involve as many individuals and organisations in the municipality of Oldambt in the process of digitization, the municipality is targeting a broadband information centre. This centre is part of the Economic affairs Department of the Municipality of Oldambt and intends to answer people with questions about broadband internet, but also to promote the active use of broadband by regional medium and small Enterprises (SMES), institutions and other organisations.

Design of the Centre

  • The Centre offers information to everyone, residents, students, the elderly and entrepreneurs, in the municipality of Oldambt who have questions about connections or about the possibilities of broadband Internet;
  • It will be the inspiring centre for various broadband and ICT projects and other initiatives in the municipality of Oldambt;
  • From the centre, courses and trainings are provided for various groups of people from the Society (students, the elderly, immigrants, etc.) who want to make use of Internet opportunities;
  • The centre aims to become the engine for innovation projects throughout the region in the field of broadband and digitization.

Digital projects

Several ongoing projects in the field of digitisation are already supported by the municipality of Oldambt. Projects are already running, especially in cooperation with the Noorderpoort College and the Hanze University.

Key themes that are covered are:

  • Innovative projects related to healthy ageing (healthy aging, domotics),
  • Projects in the field of energy transition and
  • Projects on sustainability.

Results of innovative projects are:

  • Promoting awareness for new digital opportunities;
  • Improving the economic climate;
  • New energy and positive thinking in the region;
  • Stimulating start-ups, scale-ups and entrepreneurship;
  • Attracting more investment.
Answering questions

All inhabitants and entrepreneurs from the municipality of Oldambt can ask questions about connections and the use of high-speed Internet via the virtual counter of the broadband Information and innovation


In the coming years, the broadband Information and innovation centre Oldambt will provide courses and trainings for various groups of people from the society who want to actively use the many possibilities of the internet.


By the right mix To unite parties in a common ambition create unique results. With the organisation of such coalitions, the municipality of Oldambt promotes new innovative projects around E-health, energy transition, innovation workshops and the acceleration of promising Scale-ups in the field of ICT, data and Internet of things.