BIC Oldambt: Breeding ground for innovation

The municipality Oldambt prepares for a broadband innovation centre in Winschoten. By combining the right mix of parties in the new centre with a common ambition, unique opportunities emerge. With the organization of such coalitions, the Broadband Innovation centre Oldamt works on various appealing projects and on the acceleration of promising startups and scale-ups in the field of ICT, data and Internet of things.

Together with the Hanze University College, BIC Oldambt is working on facilitating and supporting an innovation workshop in Oldambt. An innovation workshop is a physical and virtual place where research, education and professional practice work together on complex issues that originate from the professional practice or society. Innovation workshops are multidisciplinary. In the collaboration with other disciplines lend participants a look at the boundaries of their own discipline and environment. Innovation workshops bring about development and are the breeding ground for innovative products, services and startups.

What do we do?

On a project basis, the Innovation Centre organises partnerships to be able to work quickly with the right parties. By connecting to the existing agendas and focusing on where the energy is, we are working on results in practice.

The content we put in this way form the basis for the other important purpose of BIC Oldambt: To position the municipality of Oldambt strongly as an ambitious and dynamic municipality. The region offers a lot of possibilities in the fields of ICT, innovation and entrepreneurship, a message that we will carry out through BIC Oldambt.

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